Industrial Infrastructure in Meghalaya

Meghalaya though itself one of the young and the small State in the country has a long international boundary of 443 kms with Bangladesh which sets a unique advantage of setting up of industries based on demand in the country. All units will have a advantage on account of low cost of product transportation.

To obviate the problem of prospective entrepreneurs in acquiring site for industries, Industrial estates and Areas have been created with many more to come up in near future.
The following are the list of Industrial Estate in the state.

Location Industrial Estate Area in Acres Growth Centre Area in Hectares Area EPIP / Industrial Area in Acres
Shilllong 6.8    
Tura 19.83    
Jowai 14.56    
Williamnagar 15.30    
MendiPathar 7.00 36.00  
Nongstoin 10.00    
Byrnihat     259.00 (EPIP) 51.00 Extended Area
Umiam     109.67 (IA)